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We believe true access to people, jobs, resources, opportunities, education, and creative freedom is a right that far too few people have in this world. We also believe that there are millions of amazing organizations that feel the same way and want to increase their impact and the opportunities available to their members. That's why Harness exists to bring true access to the people who need it, and unrivaled tools and data to the organization that exist to make the world a better, more equitable place.

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Director, Colorado School of Mines

Werner Kuhr

"We've tried many tools and Harness is the best for enticing our small group of students and alumni to frequently use the product on their own"

168 Members

17 Jobs

526 Messages

"Harness is the most effective tool for supporting, tracking, and advancing our large innovation community. Plus it saves me a bunch of time :) " 

Rhonda Shrader

Director, UC Berkeley

6,267 Members

970 Jobs

11,598 Messages

Empower your community to do more.

Help your entrepreneurs hire, find mentors, give back, network, fundraise, and more.

Get the data you need, without the hassle.

As your members engage on Harness, you automatically collect meaningful data. 

Small or large, Harness scales to fit your needs

What is Harness?

Harness is a community management tool designed specifically for innovation & entrepreneurship community needs.

You control the branding to make it look and feel like your in-house solution.

We'll take as much as we can off of your plate so that you can get back to the most important things

What are the main features of the platform?

An admin dashboard to manage and visualize all usage data, individual & startup profiles, a job board, global feed with admin updates, chat (like slack), Q&A forum, resources & stories, moderation tools, and more!

If you are looking for something specific and aren't sure if we support it, jump on the waitlist anyways and we'll reach out to you.

Is the community management platform really free?

Yes! In September we will begin launching free versions of Harness that will allow you to have your own platform with up to 50 active users, for free.

This will be a controlled rollout though, so sign up now to ensure you get your platform as early as possible!

What are the other pricing tiers?

Free ($0/mo): 50 active users, 50 admins, email support, 2 data exports/mo

Basic ($48/mo): 150 active users, 50 admins, phone support, 5 data exports/mo, custom domain

Pro ($197/mo): 10,000 active users, 50 admins, 50 data exports/mo, dedicated success team

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How is this different than slack or other community management platforms?

Harness is designed specifically around the needs of innovation and entrepreneurship communities. We make it easy for you to have an on-brand community hub with things like startup profiles & job listings, and data collection around things like funding raised, team demographics, and more.

You and your members also get access to our global network of community builders and members from other organizations, expanding your reach and impact.

Connect with our global network of community builders.

Don't go at this alone. There's a world of community builders on Harness willing to help you succeed. Including us.


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