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Harness scales up or down to fit your needs.

Increase funding, improve member experiences, grow your brand, and save your team time through our Startup Community and Workflow Management Platform.

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Our process working with you

Your startup program is underfunded and understaffed. 

Your team simply does not have the bandwidth to wear the fifteen hats required to run the program, fund the program, give a personalized member experience to everyone in your community, and accurately report on your growth each quarter. 

We can help fix that.





Team's Work




Identify your goals

Set up branded platform

Onboard leadership team

Start with impact items

Co-create with us

Dedicated success manager

Dedicated success manager will ensure we start with outcomes in mind.

Onboarding users works best when something really important is happening on the platform. We start here.

Your startup program can use Harness no matter your focus or size.

Customize settings and match your brand's image.

We practice what we preach. You will be instrumental in co-creating our product roadmap.

We'll help you identify and onboard the right people to oversee the platform's success.

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Features that help you hit your goals

Rich Profiles

Inclusive Sourcing

Meaningful Mentorship

Surface Ideas & Form Teams

Actionable Data Insights

Securely Process Donations

Vividly showcase and easily discover people and their efforts.

Challenges and startup pages surface ideas. Jobs and profiles help form teams for venture success.

Collect donations securely from your community through our Stripe integration.

Sourcing that allows anonymizable applicant review for challenges, events, programs, and more.

Portfolio view of all community activity at your fingertips.

Run mentorship programs that promote equity and change lives.

"Harness is tailor-made to enable the right types of interactions between community members in ways that have so far been absent in other products...this platform could fundamentally change the performance of innovation communities everywhere. "

Ian Hathaway, SVP @ Techstars & Author (The Startup Community Way)

We won't let you fail. Set up recurring, quarterly calls, or reach out for support any time.

Our team of startup community experts who share best practices and funding opportunities monthly.

We help you harness community & technology to your advantage using:

A custom-branded community platform to help you automate member support.

Donation options embedded in your community platform, helping you fundraise from your members.

Workflow tools connected to your community platform bringing your in-person & virtual efforts seamlessly together.

We act as another team member by taking things off your plate like community building, fundraising from members, and saving time on your workflow.

Increase your funding, member outcomes, brand value, and data

without extra work.

Get direct access to one of our community experts for guidance or opt-in to our full service support, letting us run your platform for you.

Don't let team bandwidth hold you back from tapping into the power of your community.

"Harness is the most effective tool for supporting, tracking, and advancing our large startup community. Plus it saves me a bunch of time :) "

Executive Director, UC Berkeley BHEP

Rhonda Shrader

"We've tried many tools and Harness is the best for enticing our small group of students and alumni to frequently use the product on their own"

Director, Colorado School of Mines

Werner Kuhr

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"Harness helped us 4X engagement between mentors and mentees, and has given us an expanded network which has been really great."

Executive Director, Domi Station

Robert Blacklidge

"There's no better tool for helping our students network and for managing our mentorship program."

Executive Director, Rec Innovation Lab

Tanya Hertz

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