Replacing multiple tools with Harness

Berkeley Haas Entrepreneurship Program supports over a thousand students each year and has a mission of connecting the broader campus. Before Harness, they used a number of tools to run their program.
10X community engagement
50% cost reduction
"Before Harness we used a number of free tools like Google Forms, Google Sheets, Slack's free-tier, and a few paid tools like Submittable.

Harness replaced Submittable, and most of our use cases for free tools. Using one tool is so much easier for us.

On the community side, Harness has been really helpful in creating a place for students and alumni to connect with each other. It saves us time and improves the student experience because we don't have bandwidth to work 1:1 with every student, inevitably leaving some without the support they're looking for. Harness helps fill the gaps.

Overall with respect to saving time running our programs, collecting data to report on metrics, and giving our students a great experience, Harness is incredibly helpful."
Rhonda Shrader
Executive Director, Berkeley Haas Entrepreneurship Program